Gamut Shaper DCTL v1.7.3


Gamut Shaper could be summed up as a Lum vs Hue, Sat, SubSat & Density curve masked by Hue.

It basically allows you to manipulate the hue, saturation, subtractive saturation and density of a hue selection based on luminance in five ranges: low, low-medium, medium, high-medium and high.

I'd recommend using this for Look development and the Gamut Manipulator for shot-by-shot corrections.

Here's a video showcasing the tool:

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Supported Transfer Functions (Gammas):

Linear, ACEScc, ACEScct, Apple Log, ARRI LogC3, ARRI LogC4, BMD Film Gen 5, Canon Log, Canon Log 2, Canon Log 3, DaVinci Intermediate, DJI D-Log, FujiFilm F-Log, FujiFilm F-Log2, Gamma 2.2, Gamma 2.4, Gamma 2.5, Gamma 2.6, Leica L-Log, Panasonic V-Log, RED Log3G10, Sony S-Log2, Sony S-Log3, Filmlight T-Log

Note, that DCTLs are only supported in DaVinci Resolve Studio

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