RGB S-Curve Split-Tone DCTL v1.4.2


A S-Curve Split-tone tool where you can control the curve's RGB channels individually above and below the pivot point, which is set automatically based on your gamma selection.

In addition you have neutral whites & blacks sliders + a pivot neutral width slider to make sure certain luminances don't get an unwanted hue.

Here's a video showcasing all 4 Split-Tones: https://youtu.be/AqJkIQlJhX0

Try this and other DCTLs before buying using the Demo Pack

Read more about this and other DCTLs from the Manuals

Supported Transfer Functions (Gammas):

Linear, ACEScc, ACEScct, Apple Log, ARRI LogC3, ARRI LogC4, BMD Film Gen 5, Canon Log, Canon Log 2, Canon Log 3, DaVinci Intermediate, DJI D-Log, FujiFilm F-Log, FujiFilm F-Log2, Gamma 2.2, Gamma 2.4, Gamma 2.5, Gamma 2.6, Leica L-Log, Panasonic V-Log, RED Log3G10, Sony S-Log2, Sony S-Log3, Filmlight T-Log

Note, that DCTLs are only supported in DaVinci Resolve Studio

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