Look Creation LUTs Pack for DWGI v1.0


A collection of 65-point .cube LUTs that can be used in series to construct different looks in DaVinci Wide Gamut Intermediate. All of these LUTs have been created using my DCTLs.

Four categories of LUTs are included:
1. Tone Curve - This is also known as the contrast curve. There are 9 different variants, a combination of 3 strengths and 3 black levels
2. Gamut - This changes the hues of different colors. There are 5 gamuts to choose from.
3. Split-tone - There are 4 split-toning combinations based on complimentary hues, such as teal&orange, purple&yellow.
4. Saturation - There are 2 LUTs for subtractive saturation, a density LUT and one for creating pastel colors.

Place these LUTs on serial nodes and change the key output gain of each to your liking.

These LUTs expect and output DaVinci Wide Gamut Intermediate

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