_DCTL Demo Pack


Almost all of my DCTLs, but with a watermark. This is your chance to try them out before buying!

This pack includes:
• Anchored Hue Rotate
• Color Crosstalk
• Contrast
• Corrector
• Exposure
• Fill Shaper
• Filmic Contrast
• Gamut Compressor
• Gamut Manipulator
• Gamut Shaper
• Hue Bezier Split-Tone
• Hue Compressor
• Hue Contrast
• Hue S-Curve Split-Tone
• Hue vs SubSat
• LAB Shaper
• Letterbox
• Palette Matcher
• RGB Bezier Split-Tone
• RGB S-Curve Split-Tone
• Saturation Shaper
• Six-Vector Contrast
• Six-Vector Crosstalk
• Six-Vector Density
• Six-Vector Hue
• Six-Vector Hue Contrast
• Six-Vector Sat
• Six-Vector Sat Shaper
• Six-Vector Vibrance

This pack does not include (they'd be useful even with a watermark):
• Clipping Checker
• Exposure Checker
• False Color
• Guides
• Hue Checker
• Identity Cube Generator
• PQ Limiter (wouldn't work with a watermark)
• WB Checker

Note, that DCTLs are only supported in DaVinci Resolve Studio

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